How Short Term Holiday Rental Owners in the North East can Take Advantage of the Growing ‘Bleisure’ Trend

Wednesday 15th April, 2020 by hostandstay

There are many different types of guests. Generally they can usually be split into two main categories – business and leisure. We always recommend to tailor your services to the specific types of guests you’re expecting but the lines between these two groups are becoming more and more blurred.

The North East is a hotspot for both business and leisure travellers. So this is an exciting time for short term holiday let owners in the area as the industry is making way for this new and unique type of traveller – known as ‘bleisure’.

What is a ‘Bleisure’ Traveller?

As we briefly touched on above, bleisure refers to the rapidly growing trend in the business tripping world whereby the purpose of business also blends to leisure. 

Never heard of it? Make sure you remember the name as it is having a significant impact. In fact, 60% of all business trips qualify as bleisure so the market is huge. There has been a noticeable 40% increase in bleisure trips in the past two years alone so the phenomenon is growing fast. 

Millennials make up the bulk of bleisure travellers and the technology sector has the greatest concentration of bleisure trips. It’s also worth noting that 64% of these are solo travellers and they stay for an average of 2 – 3 nights. 

This is ideal for property owners with 1 – 2 bedroom apartments or houses in the North East as you’re more likely to capture the market.

How to get the Bleisure Market to Work for your North East Holiday Rental

On average bleisure travellers spend 1 – 2 hours planning and researching their trip, which is nowhere near as much time as those who are holidaying purely for leisure. Because of this, you need to make sure your holiday rental listing grabs their attention. 

Make sure your listing has professional and eye-catching photography. Photographs can make or break the success of your holiday rental so invest in good quality photos. Ensure your listing description is compelling and interesting. If your property has added extras such free WiFi, free parking, Netflix, Sky TV, a laptop friendly space etc make sure you mention it. 

You should also mention the local area in your description. Conferences are the number one purpose for all bleisure trips, making up 67% of them, so it’s worth noting any conference centres which are close to your property. The North East is packed with conference centres, especially in areas like Newcastle, Gateshead and Durham.

But make sure to balance this with things your guest can also do for leisure during their stay. The North East is a hub of culture, art, shopping and nightlife so we’re sure you won’t be short of things to include!

Reach out to Bleisure Guests

If your guest fits the description of a typical bleisure traveller then it’s worth mentioning to them that they can extend their stay, either before or during their visit. 

Let them know that other business guests have chosen to stay at your holiday rental for an extra night so they can enjoy more of the local area. If you feel it will benefit your business, you could even offer the extra night at an exclusive discounted rate. 

Business travelers often return to the same destinations on trips in the future so you should always encourage them to stay with you again next time. You could offer to help them arrange their next visit and you should always advise them to book with you directly. This way they’ll get the best rate and you won’t have to pay commission on online travel agency bookings. 

Another top tip is to keep an eye out on any big conferences coming up in the North East. That way you can reach out to previous bleisure guests to try and get their business.

Be Active to Earn More from your North East Holiday Let

If you want to be successful and optimise your revenue, it’s important to stay on top of industry trends. There is a lot more to running a profitable short term holiday let business in the North East than just waiting around for guests to book. It’s all about being active.

At Host North East, we’re always one step ahead of the game to ensure our property owners can reap the rewards. Interested in having a stress-free, hands-free experience whilst increasing your occupancy and revenue?


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